Obama and his Church

So Barrack Obama has “resigned” from his church in Chicago.  This comes too late, and is too little after all that has transpired.  What I find some what questionable, is that it took a visiting Catholic priest, who is white, and lampooned Hillary to bring him to this decision.  Not the Anti-Americanism spouted by Rev. Wright, or the race baiting by him and others, or the calls for splitting the nation, but a White Catholic who took on his opponent. 

This one isn’t oing to disappear just because Barrack “resigned” his church membership.  As I said, it’s too little too late on this front.  If he was sincere about his rationale for doing so, he should have done it long ago, long before he sought public office.  No, this is just a shameless attempt to “save face,” and not alienate a lot of pwoerful Democratic supporters (mainly those with big bucks) and independents. 


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