The David Ortiz Situation

This is a tough break for the Sawx, but not a killer.  As Jerry Remy pointed out on last night’s boradcast on NESN, the Sox have enough fire power in the line up to more than get by.  But, if the injury to Ortiz’s wrist is going to keep him out longer than a few weeks, then Theo Epstein should get on the phone immediately.

My suggestion would be to call Cincinnati, and see what it would take to get Griffey jr.  Why?  Several reasons.  One, he’s a left handed power threat, which would be a very good “fill in” for Ortiz’s bat in the line up.  Two, as either Coco Crisp or JD Drew would be moved, he could play in LF or RF, while Manny DHs to save wear and tear on his hamstring, and Ellsbury would slide to CF full time.  Three, it would give Junior his best shot at a ring, the one thing his career is missing.  As Junior is getting up there in age, his time to win a ring is getting very short, and he would be cheaper than a lot of bigger names out there.  Four, he’s generally considered a good club house pressence.  Now this can be tricky, as one never truly knows how a guy will fit in with a ball club (in any sport), but I just can’t see it being a problem.  Not like the other idea that was briefly floated of bringing in a certain roid-monster late of San Francisco.  Finally, when/if Ortiz came back, and the Sox had Junior, just look at that line up, with Ortiz, Manny, and Junior hitting back to back to back.  Ouch.


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