Fight Night at Fenway

Well, the incident at 2B last night between the Rays and Red Sox has boiled over.  So much in fact, that both benches emptied, even the bull pens.  Real punches were thrown, and there was a good old fashioned scrum at the mound.

Beyond the ejections, suspensions will be coming.  Coco Crisp will get suspended for charging the mound, Shields will not only for throwing at Crisp, but for his right hook, Jonny gomes will get suspended for beating on Crisp while he was on the ground, as will Carl Crawford.  The NESN broadcast didn’t catch everything, so it’s hard to tell beyond those who else will get the ire of the Commissioners Office, especially on the Red Sox (Ellsbury and Casey may get suspended).

While I’m all for standing up for yourself, and defending your teammates, this was stupid on Crisp’s part.  He knew he was going to get hit.  Shield’s did not throw at Crisp’s head, he got hit in the hip.  He should have just gone to 1B, and let his pitcher get back at the Rays for him.  My only question is if Shields said something to Crisp as he started towards first.  If he did, then he was dumb as well for exacerbating the situation. 

The funniest thing was Joe Maddon.  He looked like the principal from “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” (the movie) out there trying to “calm” the situation by handing out detention slips. 

Still, this was an all around dumb move.  Maddon, who obviously called the HBP, was dumb for doing it so early on.  Shields was dumb for throwing a fast ball at Crisp (and if he said something afterwards).  Crisp was dumb for falling for the bait and charging the mound. 

At least it was a real fight this time, and not one of those mamby-pamby pushing matches.


2 thoughts on “Fight Night at Fenway

  1. Maybe if he did not have ropes coming out of his head that would be a non issue . . . . Anyway it is CoCo Crisp, who cares? In a couple of weeks Philly is going to whoop on Boston in Citizen Bank Park. Go Phightins !!

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