Beat LA! Beat LA!

Going into tonight’s game 3, the good guys have two wins, the evil scum sucking escapees from the pit of eternal stench have none.

Yes, the resurrected Boston celtics hold a 2-0 lead in the series over that team from the land of plastic surgery and fake personas.  The ghosts of the old Garden have found their way to the new building, and wisps of Red Auerbach’s cigar can be smelled in the locker room.  Bill Russel was there, giving advice to KG.  Danny Ainge is the GM.  The tradition is back, the pride is back.  Paul Pierce is finally getting what he deserves after spending so much time on mediocre teams. 

That other team may have three straight home games now.  But it doesn’t matter.  This series will be over in six games.  The evil yellow and purple (the same colors as a nasty bruise), may win tonight, playing with a sense of desperation.  But the C’s will take game 4, just to send a message.  Game 5 will probably go to the opposition, just so they don’t get embarassed at home.  The C’s will take game 6 at home, in front of the fans, many of whom weren’t even born the last time the C’s won a championship. 

One last note here.  Leonardo diCaprio is once again on my sh*t list.  After all the rehabilitation he did for my opinion of him in “The Departed” and “Blood Diamond,” he just had to go and wear a hat for that other team, in the Garden!  An unforgivable sin.  Really.  Where’s Mark Wahlberg to set him straight?



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