Mugabe threatens coup

But he’s not intimidating voters.,2145,12215_cid_3411648,00.html

I wonder, where the outrage from the left is over this thug?  Of course, any attempts made so far to put pressure on Mugabe and his cronies is immediately met with cries of racism, especially the British efforts.  Anywhere else in the world, and this guys is public enemy #1, just ask the Burmese junta.  But for some strange reason, it’s only those centrists, and those righ of center who think that Mugabe is a thug, and a threat to the stability of Southern Africa.  But I guess his policies of siezing private property, giving it to people who have no clue about the business, turning a thriving economy into a disaster not seen since the 1930’s, raising taxes, buying off voters with this program or that program, just hits too close to home.



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