The Final AS Vote (MLB)

Well, the voting for the final two AS roster spots is open.  You can vote for one player for each league.  And do so here.

IMO, the American League should be a no-brainer.  Evan Longoria (3B-Tampa Bay), is the obvious choice.  A string, and probably odds on, rookie of the year candidate, he’s playing outstanding ball for the surprising Tampa Bay Rays.  Brian Roberts (2B-Baltimore), and Jermaine Dye (OF-Chicago) are worthy of consideration, but Longoria just ousthines both of them.

The NL ballot is trickier.  Only Aaron Rowand is the obvious weak candidate, the others pretty much neck and neck.  I went with David Wright.  There are legitimate arguments to be made for Burrell, Carlos Lee, and Corey Hart.  All are valid candidates.  But given what the Mets have gone through this season, and how Wright has more or less kept his mouth shut and played great ball, I gave him the nod.

Voting time is short, so vote now.


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