The Varitek All Star Selection

Figures.  I post about Tek’s intanigibles as a player, and lo and behold, he gets nominated to the All Star team this year.

The first comment I saw on this was from Joe Hammurabi of Baseball Digest Daily, who called it “a joke.”  Then while cruising thorugh the WordPress TAG surfer, I noticed a few more comments on this, a few calling it far worse than a joke.

Let’s set a few things straight here.  Varitek was elected to the team by the players, not chosen by Francona.  This in and of itself should be enough for fans.  Of course it’s not.  It’s also no worse, or better than any of the extra Yankee players who made the team when Joe Torre was managing the AL All Stars.  Every All Star manager tends to favor his own team for the bench guys, it’s just a fact of Base Ball.  But this was not one of those instances.  Tek was chosen by his peers to be there.  To my mind, that’s a far better honor than being popular among the fans.

Yes, Tek is having an awful year at the plate.  But the game is about more than just stats, as I pointed out in my last post.  Tek brings so much more to a team than his bat.  You can’t quantify what Tek does in a box score, or stats summary page.  How do you put how he calls a game, or manages a pitcher into a simple number in a column?  You can’t.  How do you reduce Tek’s presence in the clubhouse to a couple of digits?  You can’t.

Now, Tek wouldn’t have been one of my choices for the AS team.  More because the Sox were already well represented, and not having a 3rd catcher would have opened up a roster spot for another position.  Even so, I’m not offended by his presence on the team.  The fans have voted in starters who were far worse.

I guess AJ Pierzynski shouldn’t have been such an asshole to so many other players.  He might have gotten in otherwise.  Miguel Olivo?  His bad fortune that Dioneer Navarro is having a great season for Tampa Bay, who needed more representation on the AS team. 

So if you want to carp and complain about Tek’s being on the All Star team, blame the players.  Blame Pierzynski for being a twit.  Blame Tampa Bay for having the best record in Baseball.


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