Three Players the Red Sox should pursue

With the trade dead line at the end of the month, we all turn to speculation as to who will go where.  We’ve already had one major deal, the Brewers trading for CC Sabathia of the Indians (a good all aorund deal IMO).  So, I thouoght I’d step into Theo Epstein’s shoes for a moment, and talk about who I’d go after this season.

1. Ken Griffey jr:  The biggest name I’d go after.  With Big Poppi David Ortiz out for who knows how long, the So need a game changing bat.  Griffey still has it, and I think would hit well in Fenway, having a bit of a revitalization.  It would mean that Manny can DH full time, and save his hamstring.  This would probably mean shipping Coco Crisp to the Reds, but that’s OK.  This would also give Junior his best shot at a ring ever, and he deserves one after all he’s done.  That and if Ortix does come back, it gives Francona a lot of maneuverability with his line up. 

2. Jack Wilson:  The PIrates SS is on the block, and the Sox could really use him.  Julio Lugo has been so terribly inconsistent, both at the plate and in the field, that he’s just short of becoming a liability.  Jack Wilson is better offensively, better defensively, is cheaper, and is under contract for another two years IIRC.  This would free up Lugo to be traded for a pitcher, and give Jed Lowrie a bit more seasoning in AAA.

3. Brad Henessey:  The SF Giants’ pitcher is a swing man.  He can relieve and start, filling a role vacated when Julian Tavarez was sent packing.  He’s not the lights out 8th inning guy everyone talks about, but his role as longman would free up other pitchers for later use, reducing the strain being put on guys like Delcarmen, Hansen, and Okajima.   Now with talk if Justin Masterson being moved to the bullpen in AAA, this is even a better move, allowing a guy like Chris Smith to get more time and work at Pawtucket.


A note on a rumor that was running around on ESPN last night.  Supposedly, the Sox worked out Barry Bonds.  Don’t get any thoughts beyond this though.  Yes, he wouldn’t cost the Sox anything to get (he’s a free agent), and would hit well in Fenway, but the baggage that comes with him isn’t worth it.  I doubt that anyone beyond John Henry and company have even seriously considered this move.


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