Attention All NY Jets Fans

Just shut up.  You all are fast becoming as bad as Packer fans over Brett Favre.  Give it up already.  Yes, Favre will help your team.  Heck, you might even  snag a wild card in the AFC.  But you are not suddenly going to challenge for the AFC East title, or go to the Super Bowl.  The Jets are just not that good.  You still need a top notch defense, an offensive line, and a running game that will actually cause the other team’s defense to lay off rushing Favre every down.

The Jets may make 9-7 this year.  But 8-8 is more likely.  Favre has to learn the new system, learn the Jets “receivers,” and get comfortable with the O-Line (*snicker*).  It’s too much to ask from him.   Plus, he says he’ll only be with the Jets for 1 year (according to the Daily News).  Plus you guys had to release Chad Pennington, who while not a stand out QB, isn’t all that bad, provided he doesn’t have to throw over 15 yards.

Yes, it all sounds and looks good on paper.  But reality will set in.  The Jets just have too much to overcome on their own team, let alone in the division or the conference.  Enjoy the euphoria while it lasts.  It’ll all be gone by week 5.


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