Another 9/11 Anniversary has come to pass


Here we are again, now 7 years on.  The Anniversary of the 9-11 attacks is here, and we have forgotten already.  Oh, not all of us have forgotten, but that’s mainly those who had to deal dirctly with what happened that day.  The vast majority of Americans, and the world, have pushed those memories aside, they have fortgotten what it was like that day.

The fact of the matter is, you either remember or you don’t want to.  Most don’t want to.  It’s too painful, too inconvienient.  And we are worse off for that.  Set aside the politicians, the leaders, those who got the “face time” on TV.  Ignore the pundits and the talking heads on TV and radio.  They will dominate the airwaves, for what little coverage there will be today.  Instead, go to one of the lists of the dead from that day.  All those people who never held public office, or got a cushy job reading the news, or expounding on the days events. 

There were, and are, plenty of great stories from that day.  While most may not be “movie of the week” type stuff, it is none the less real actions by real people.  It’s simple stuff that goes unrecognized, unrewarded, and virtually unknown to the masses.  We over look them, in part because what they did, or do, is “expected” of them, or worse, because they’re not “politically correct.”

So we ignore what’s inconvienient to our world views.  We push aside anything that may interfere with an agenda.  We seek to minimalize loss to further an unrelated goal.  So we minimalize the rememberance of events.  We did with Pearl Harbor.  We’re doing it with 9-11. 

It’s yesterday’s news.  It’s “not relevant anymore.”  After all, it’s just another Thursday right?

RIP Ken Marino, Rescue 1 NYFD.  Father, husband, sports fan, and fellow Stratomatic player.


2 thoughts on “Another 9/11 Anniversary has come to pass

  1. It’s not dwelling upon it. If it was, it would be an every day thing, which it is not. But it does need to remain in the consciousness of people. If it doesn’t we just take a blase attitude towards it (already happening), and we ignore everything that lead up to it. We doom ourselves by not thinking beond the immediacy of the past and future, generally speaking +/- 3 months for Americans. We have no ability anymore to thiink beyond our immediate surroundings, in terms of geography, or time. Then you can add to this, the fact that we don’t care anymore. Anytime anything 9-11 related comes up on the news, people tune it out. They don’t want to hear it anymore, so they ignore it. This just compounds the already existing attitude and further dilutes anything positive or negative that came out of that day. It’s the easy way out, and that, sad to say, has become the American way.

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