One more into the Blu-Ray collection

In my most recent Amazon order, I picked up a bit of a guilty pleasure on Blu-ray.  That pleasure being Sam Raimi’s “classic” Evil Dead II.

I have always enjoyed just about whatever Sam raimi puts out.  Even the original Evil Dead was a fun horror-comedy romp.  But Evil Dead II was the first thing of Sam’s I ever saw.  It was an almost perfect blend of classic horror and Three Stooges Comedy (including fake Shemps on the evil entity).  The “troika” of Sam Raimi, Rob Tappert, and Bruce “The Chin” Campbell have made some highly entertaining stuff, and it goes back years, to their collegiate days.

I still have a copy of Evil Dead II on VHS.  But it was past time to update this title, and replace it with a newer format.  So, as I was cruising on Amazon, I saw this gem for a mere $19.99.  How could I possibly resist?

I did not immediately pop this one into the PS3 upon arrival.  I had a bunch of Dr.Who and the second series of Torchwood to get through first.  BUt when I did, it was just as good as I remembered it, perhaps even better.

One constant theme when I “review” Blu-ray editions of movies is that the net effect of transferring a particular title to Blu-ray can be hit or miss.  Some titles excel with the new format, others gain nothing, or even lose something.  Evil Dead II actually benefits form the new format.

Assuredly, some of the improvements won’t be noticable to some people.  But that’s part of the nature of the beast.  The biggest jump from my old VHS copy to Blu-ray is the sound.  The digital Dolby sound track on the Blu-ray disc is crystal clear, and background sounds I hadn’t noticed before now came through, even wearing standard stereo headphones. 

The piture is very clear as well.  I noticed very few issues with the picture, so the transfer to the blu-ray format seems to have gone well.  I am unsure if any digital cleaning as done to the print prior to transfer, but my guess would be that only minor touches were done. 

On the whole, it was still highly enjoyable to watch yet again.

The etras on the disc are average.  A couple of behind the scenes interviews/documentaries are interesting to watch, but only if you have an interest in such subjects.  I don’t bother with commentary tracks, so I can’t speak to those.

This is a good pick up, and at $20, and more than worthy one for fans of Sam Raimi, Bruce Campbell, or horro-comedy mixtures.


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