Blu-Ray Movie Review- Iron Man

Iron Man is one of the few movies that I’ve actually seen in the theater in recent years.  It was worth the price of admission, which is a rarity these days.  I was thoroughly impressed with the creation of Jon Favreau, Robert Downey jr, Gwyneth Paltrow, Terrence Howard, and Jeff Bridges.  This is exactly how one should go about updating a character created in the 60’s.  The genius that is Stan Lee, Don Heck, Jack Kirby, et al, is that the characters they created, are virtually timeless.  All they need is updating, not reinventing like so many self righteous writers and artists want to do.

I went out on Tuesday to get this one on Blu-Ray, as the visuals and effects just demand a high definition treatment.  Watching it on Blu-ray, on a high def TV is simply outstanding.  Like in the case of The Fifth Element, in some ways this way is better than in the theater.  The picture is superb, and lacks many of the flaws that creep in when shown in a theater.  Details that get lost in initial theater viewings shine through, with no blurring or graininess.  The Captain America shield on Tony Stark’s work bench being one of the treats that is far more visible (at least to me) on Blu-ray rather than in the theater.

I’ve only gone through the extras on disc 1, as I got the 2 disc set.  The Hall of Armor is interesting, but doesn’t really provide much, except for real geeks, and even then, the details on the amrors provided is less than satisfying.  The documentary on Iron Man is interesting.  While it’s entertaining to watch, it is just a propaganda piece for Tom Breervort and Joe Quesada and what they’re currently doing at Marvel.   There’s not enough of the build up of Iron Man and Tony Stark prior to the recent Civil War and Ultimates series.  And other than Stan Lee, there’s no mention of Don Heck (WTF?!), or Jack Kirby.  They get credit in the movie, but not in the documentary?  Shame on you Marvel!

The deleted and extended scenes aren’t all that impressive either.  Some are entertaining, such as the Dubai Party, but there’s nothing there that would have made the movie better than it already is.  As my PS3 is not hooked up to the net, I haven’t done anything with the BD-Live aspect on the disc.

I haven’t as yet gone through the extras on Disc 2.  Looking at the box, the Making of documentary should be interesting, as should the one on the Special effects.  I could acre less about “The actors method” or Robert Downey’s screen test.  Same with commentary tracks.  They just don’t provide me with anything special, or appeal to me as a selling point. 

For those with Blu-ray players, this should be a “must have.”  Beyond the eye candy aspects, it’s just a great movie.


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