Conratulations to the Tampa Bay Rays

Well, they’re in a fight right now in game 1 of the World Series, but they did earn the right to be in this series.

They won the Al East Division out right, and have played extremely well through out the entire regular season.  They continued that trend in the play offs, taking out first the White Sox, then the Red Sox.  I, and many others, could give a laundry list as to why the Red Sox lost that series.  But it still wouldn’t detract from the season the Rays have had this year. 

Joe Maddon is growing on me.  I didn’t know all that much about him before he took the Rays job, but between last year and this year, I’ve gotten to see more of him.  And honestly, I like what I see and hear from him.  Yeah, he looks like a high school principle, but he doesn’t sound that way.  His press conferences are actually interesting and even entertaining to watch and listen to.  He doesn’t over analyze things, or over hype things, gives credit where credit is due, and admits when he makes a mistake.  Of course, this sort of attitude means he couldn’t manage in any major market, with the possible exception of LA and Boston.  He’d be crucified in NY or Chicago.


So here’s to hoping the Rays win it all.  It would cap a perfect season for Tampa Bay, and a “feel good” story in Baseball.  Rays in 6 people.


One thought on “Conratulations to the Tampa Bay Rays

  1. Maddon is lucky… He made some interesting choices in the ALCS, which made you go huh sometimes, but since they won… I guess it worked.

    Supposedly he was choice number 2 after Terry Francona in Boston, but Maddon currently has a no ego team with no stars. That’s going to change after this season. It will be interesting to see if he can handle players that are on the verge of going from scrappy to spoiled.

    But you are right, he could never survive in Boston, New York, Philadelphia or Chicago. Not for very long at least!

    But I think the Phillies pitching is better, Phillies in 6.

    (and you who picked the Rays and the Phillies in the World Series, please raise your hand)

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