Be Sure to Vote Tomorrow

Tomorrow Americans go to the polls to vote.  Well, many will, but many will stay home and not bother.  Sad but true, and has been for years now.  A 60% turn out is large by today’s standards.  How can anyone complain if they don;t go out and vote?  George Carlin once said he can complain because “he didn’t vote for any of them.”  Sorry George, but if you don’t vote, you “break the system,” and we get stuck with the same old nimrods year in year out.

So be sure to go to your polling place, and cast your ballots.  All I ask is that you vote for the candidate you feel is the best for any given position.  Get over and past the usual clap trap, and take an honest, rational look at the available candidates.  Try to set aside your personal self interests, and look at who will be best for the country/district/county/community (depending on the position being sought).  Probably asking too much from the mindless sheep in this country.

Even so, go vote.  It is the one civic duty all Americans have, and a right that must be exercised at every opportunity.  Don’t vote, don’t complain about policies or changes.  You had your chance to voice your opinion.


One thought on “Be Sure to Vote Tomorrow

  1. This radio show is about what is truly at stake in this election, and what we are TRULY voting for. This election can change the mindset of the entire country and could have an effect for years to come. Most people don’t think of it in this way. It’s very surprising. And either way you decide, you will at least be aware and understand the unspoken implications. If you like what you hear, please pass the link on to others who you may think might like it.

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