Obama Bad for NY?

Maybe according to NY Governor david Patterson.



Of course this should be a widely known fact by now, but it’s not in the interest of some parties.  Heck, I’m suprised the Daily Gazette even bothered to publish this. 

It should be no surpise today that the Democrats in Washington, including our “esteemed” Senators, Clinton and Chuckles Schumer, ignore the State in favor of power grabs.  Schumer has been all but absent from anything of importance to the State, as he’s the iron fist behind the Democrat’s Senate campaigns.  He’s more interested in the joke candidacy of Al Franken than in getting the State of New York back on track.  Of course this is the same idiot who once was “proud to never have been north of Yonkers.”  And Hillary has been so busy campaigning for everyone else, that she too has all but forgotten about the State.  Not that she ever cared about NY, just as long as it was useful for advancing her own political power and ambitions. 

Ahhhh, I shouldn;t even bother anymore.  No one cares about this stuff.  It’s all too much for the average person to bother with.  It doesn’t effect their daily lives, and they’re quite content to have information spoon fed to them by the mass media outlets, lready predigested and pre-analyzed for them.  They don;t have to think anymore, others will do it for them.


2 thoughts on “Obama Bad for NY?

  1. It’s interesting that at the 11th hour, David Patterson of all people is having buyer’s remorse saying that Obama may ignore New York’s plight. I think he’s right. But, then again, I think it goes beyond that…

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