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Thanks to Pat at Comics Castle (store here ) I have finally been able to get my hands on the two independent comics releases from Time Bomb Comics.  I have been looking forward to these two UK releases for some time, but finding a cost effective way of getting them here on this side of the pond has been problematic.  However, a recent “deal” between Comics Castle and Time Bomb allowed a small shipment to be made, and offered for sale here in the USA.  A total of 20 copies of each was shipped, and as I check, there are still a few copies left.  It shoudl also be noted that these copies are signed by the creators, all for the cover price of $3.50 plus shipping.

Dick Turpin and the Restless Dead: One part Night of the Living Dead, one part Scarlet Pimpernel, one part Brigadoon.  The story revolves around Dick Turpin, notorious highwayman, and his compatriot, Gentleman Dick.  This one shot story is a solid piece.  The black and white art (a concession to costs) actually is a preferable medium for the story.  I found it to be very reminiscient of the old Hammer horror films.  A cameo by Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing, or Michael Gough would not have been out of place.  Steve Tanner plots a well paced script, balancing the character interplay with the action.  The script is well complimented by Andy Dodd’s art work on the panels.  Some will inevitably deride Dodd’s work here as “sub par.”  While it may not be in the same class a Jim Lee, it is excellent work, worthy of any comics fan taking a look at.  It works extremely well for the story, and as with any artist, will get “better” (a highly subjective pov) over time.

Ragamuffins-Stitches in Time: The first release from Time Bomb.  A tale of a group of misfits assigned to fixing problems with time (the chronoverse).  This issue, also a “one shot,” has some very intriguing characters, leaving any reader demanding more about them.  A short story arc, it begins and ends well, leaving little, if anything dangling.  This would be a worthy entry from an established company or creative team.  For a first release from a start up independent, it is astounding.  Andy Dodd’s art is a bit more straight forward here, compared to his more moody work for Dick Turpin.  It has a definitively “British” feel to it, as fans of 2000AD and other publications will note.  Steve Tanner’s plot and script are well laid out, and flow very well.  While character development is a bit light, what’s to be expected from a one shot comic?  You get what you need for the story, and it plays out very well.

I cannot reccomend these two issues highly enough.  It is unfortunate that Time Bomb is currently unable to get a US distribution deal (they have one in the UK ATM).  So those on the other side of the pond should check these out, as they are available more readilly there.

OK, full disclosure time.  I “know” Steve Tanner.  He is also a member of the CCL message boards, where we have conversed on a number of subjects. I think he’s still shocked I knew who Dan Dare was before the Virgin series came out.  😉  He posted his previews of these issues there, way back when.  I loved them, but due to the issues of exchange rates and air mail shipping, I was unable to get my hands on them.  Now I have, and I have no regrets.

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Mugabe threatens coup

But he’s not intimidating voters.




I wonder, where the outrage from the left is over this thug?  Of course, any attempts made so far to put pressure on Mugabe and his cronies is immediately met with cries of racism, especially the British efforts.  Anywhere else in the world, and this guys is public enemy #1, just ask the Burmese junta.  But for some strange reason, it’s only those centrists, and those righ of center who think that Mugabe is a thug, and a threat to the stability of Southern Africa.  But I guess his policies of siezing private property, giving it to people who have no clue about the business, turning a thriving economy into a disaster not seen since the 1930’s, raising taxes, buying off voters with this program or that program, just hits too close to home.


Ferraro, for McCain?



Interesting artcle. 

While Geraldine Ferraro is no stranger to controversy, or speaking her mind, this one does shock me just a little bit.  Until this point, Ferraro had been easily defined as a partisan Democrat.  I guess the Obama campaign has ticked her off quite a bit if she’s publically talking about “jumping ship” to Mac.  If her responses in the article are true, it could spell a huge dent to Obama, more so as a lot of those who Ferraro talks to are Democratic fund raisers and organizers.  And not just any fund raisers and organizers, but the big money people, people who draw in and influence others to donate.  could be a very interesting run through the Democratic convention.  Perhaps a floor fight?  A lot will depend on what the DNC decides to do with the Florida and Michigan delegations.

Oh the Irony

Got this from a friend via email (H/T to Kurt):


Tibetan protest flags made in China.  Oh the irony of it!  And the factory manager and workers had “no idea.”  LOL.  They thought they were just “colorful flags?”  I guess the education system in China is lacking after all. 

Well, in part the education system.  The main part is the tight censorship maintained over the news and other media outlets by the Beijing regime.  Which makes this even funnier, in that the internal policing apparatus missed a big one here.  Or maybe it’s just that the capitalist drive over came the totalitarian nature of the communist regime.

And The Fall Out Continues

It looks like “client #6” has been outed.  According to the NY Daily News, The Duke of Westminster was also a regular client of the Emperor’s Club.  The Duke, aka Gerald Cavendish Grosvenor, a former offical at the UK’s Ministry of Defense, and a Labour Party official, had quite a few trysts.  Despite being England’s wealthiest individual, he haggled with at least one girl over price.    STORY

I fully expect more clients to be named as the week goes on.

The now infamous “Kristen” has been identified.  The NY Times, probably in a desperate search for readers, was first on this: HERE  Not to be outdone, the NY Post has also picked up on this: HERE

CNN has some more details on how this all got started with the bank.  And that the February 13th tryst was his 8th, at a minimum.

Oops.  Looks like we have had 1 Governor impeached, William Sulzer in 1913.  Have to look into that one a bit. This from the Times-Union.  I understand the comparisons to Al Smith and Nelson Rockefeller, but Teddy Roosevelt and Thomas Dewey?  Not in my opinion.

“I really don’t feel vindicated. But I do feel when you look at the things I tried to raise in the campaign, one of the many things I said was that Eliot Spitzer had one set of rules for himself and one set for everyone else. I never would have imagined it could be so glaring.” — John Faso, the former Assemblyman and Republican candidate who lost to Spitzer in 2006.

Other reactions HERE

Link to Joe Bruno’s news conference.

Link to Spitzer’s resignation announcement.

And here’s some morning reading for those who are interested:

Ben Smith at Politico on David Paterson

Susan Estrich takes Spitzer to task (this one’s a political ouchie!)

Charles Gasparino at the NY Post

Campaigns and Elections

WSJ on Eliot and the media

Around the World

Cruising the various news sites I read, there is quite a lot that will fly under most people’s radar…

First up, senior Dictator-For-Life Robert Mugabe is once again doing his nation more harm than good.  Never mind that Zimbawe (aka Rhodesia) has an inflation rate somewhere north of 18,000%, he just has to go and force out anyone who is vaguey competent in any industry.  Not to mention what have become chronic food shortages resulting in some fairly extreme actions on the part of the embattled citizenry.

See here: CNN FOX London Times 

Mugabe is pillaging his few remaining viable industries to buy votes in what is expected to be a very tense and close election.  Not only is Morgan Tsvangirai of the MDC going to participate, but there’s a renegade form Mugabe’s ruling ZANU-PF party also making a bid.  But to generate some sort of voting bloc for himself, Mugabe has not only destroyed agricultural business to give hand outs, resulting in failed crops, dead farm land, and food shortahes, but now he’s going to raid every other business sector as well.  If people think Zimbabwe is in an economic crisis now, just wait until Mugabe’s incompetent cronies and sycophants get control of the banks, mines, and whatever industry remains.

Looks like there’s been some developments in a few European elections as well.  Sarkozy in France is facing a minor electoral set back (run offs yet to come), and Spain’s Socialist PM is now being forced to find partners to form a government. 

The reading links: FOX (Spain) FOX (France) CNN (Spain) CNN (France) London Times (Spain) Irish Times (France) London Times (France)

With almost all the votes counted in Spain, the Socialist have a 16 seat lead in parliament over the conservative Partido Popular Party, not enough to form a government on their own.  So they will be forced to troll for parliamentary partners, which will inevitably lead to pandering to fringe groups.  I would guess that should the Socialists have to pay out too much for that parliamentary support, it will go badly for them in the next election, which, depending on the pay offs to the minor parties, may be sooner than they’d like.

For Sarkozy this isn’t so much a rebuke, as it is the electorate playing the role of the fool to the king, reminding him as he walks “thou art mortal.”  As this is just the first round, with relatively few getting the required 50% on the first go, the run offs should put Sarkozy “back on track.”  It was nice to see Jean Marie LePen get resoundingly defeated, garnering only about 1% of the total vote.  Which means he can’t play kingmaker this time.

Apparently, there are new deadly sins to watch out for… London Times (Sins)

Hugo Chavez complains alot about “American Imperialism.”  He’s a broken record, and an old one at that on the subject.  But it seems that Hugo ain’t exactly the unambitious type after all.  Seems he’s been backing FARC in Colombia, with the inent of forming a “Socialist Union” between the two nations, and perhaps beyond.  Unfortunately for Hugo, FARC is self destructing, and Colombia isn’t going to just roll over and give in, even if moves his entire army to the border.  And Hugo’s patsies, I mean “allies” in Ecuador and Nicaragua won’t be much help, just ask FARC.  Danny Ortega may find his chummy relationship with Chavez to be troublesome when it comes election time, unless of course he rigs the elections again.

CNN (Colombia) FOX (Colombia)

Seems to be a week for ending eras

Well, it’s shaping up to be a very interesting week.  As I was checking in on the Texas Primary results, I found out that Ian Paisley, the 1st Minister of the devolved parliament in Northern Ireland, has announced that he will step down from the post, rather than complete his term, which would have ended in 2011.

Here are some links for reading:


Belfast Telegraph

Irish Times

Irish Independent


I have very mixed emotions about this announcement.  On the one hand, I am not sorry to see him begin the inevitable journey to extinction.  He’s a dinosaur from an era that is now consigned to history.  On the other hand, without him, the current devolved power sharing government probably would not have happened.  Of course, it could be argued that with out him, all of this could have been achieved years ago.

My concern is what comes next.  With Junior Paisley having been forced out of his ministerial post for “ethical lapses,” who takes over not only as First Minister, but as head of the DUP will have a profound effect on the fate of the Six Counties.  While Paisley has said he will remain as a MLA and MP, he has already been forced out as head of his Presbyterian sect, due to ground swell against his political u-turn and rapproachment with Sinn Fein. 

I’ve never been fond of the DUP, or its membership.  I personally find them to be more in a vein with the Jihadis of radical Islamic sects than any sort of “Western” religion or ideology.  Yet, much like the ancient Vulcan saying, “Only Nixon can go to China.”  It took someone of Paisley’s stature and Unionist credentials to break what had been seen as an almost insurmountable dead lock.  According to published reports, Paisley still says that power sharing was “the right thing to do.”  Though how it will save Unionism from “an eventual united Ireland” is beyond me.

Lurking in the wings is Peter Robinson, a long time DUP member, MLA, and general political operative.  Robinson, while more in favor with the hard line crowd, lacks a lot of what made Paisley such an iconic figure.  He’s not nearly as charismatic, or witty, or quick minded.  He’s slated to take over as First Minister, probably for the rest of Iam Paisley’s term, but his standing as regards the party may yet still be in flux.

Why still in flux?  Nigel Dodds, another long time DUP gadfly is also angling for the top slot.  He’s currently the Enterprise Minister, and has been critical of softened relations with Sinn Fein in the past.  With Ian jr out of the picture, it fals to these two to duke it out for control.

According to the Irish papers, “government sources” indicate that this will not spell doom for the NI Assembly.  They “fully expect that the DUP will remain in the power sharing structure with Sinn Fein.”  But don’t expect a new version of the “chuckle twins” to happen with Martin McGuinness and either Robinson or Dodds.  No one on any side wants a return to the “Troubles,” so that may keep who ever takes over from Paisley from jumping the shark and scuttling the whole shebang.