Rockies Sweep!

Who would have ever thought they’d see the Colorado Rockies in the World Series?  And to get to the series by sweeping first the Phillies, then the Diamondbacks?  Or that they would do it with pitching, rather than the long ball?

The Rockies are on an amazing run right now.  They’ve now won 21 of their last 22 games, and 7 straight in the post season.  Unbelievable really.  This hot streak, at this time of year is historic (relatively speaking) in its proportions.  Not only did they have to win out at the end of the season, but they had to beat the Padres in game 163 to become the wild card in the NL.  They are this years Cindarella story.

I’m happy for the Rockies.  I’m pleased to see a perennial All-Star like Todd Helton get a shot at a ring (even if he won’t get one).  Much like a few years ago when the Astro’s made it in, and Biggio and Bagwell got a chance to play for it all.  I’m also pleased to see MVP candidate (and probable winner) Matt Holliday live up to that billing, not with his over all stats, but in rising to the occasion when he needed to. 

So cheers to the Rox for having this amazing season.  Enjoy it while it lasts, as they will face either the Indians or Red Sox in the series, and neither of those teams are quite the same as the Phils or D-backs.  Still, seeing games in Colorado Springs in October should be entertaining.

On a side note, a few comments on the TBS broadcast team for these games.  First off, some one better be paying attention to Tony Gwynn.  This guys is great in the booth.  He needs more air time, if only just as a “guest” analyst for studio broadcasts.  Chip Caray however, looked, acted, and sounded like a ventriliquist’s dummy.  He was wooden, boring, and failed to correctly call plays as the play-by-play man far too often.  Get rid of him, keep Gwynn and Brenley (who isn’t all that bad), and they’ll have a pretty good booth team.