Carl Yastrzemski

Carl Yastrzemski is in the hospital for heart bypass surgery.  He has undergone successful (so far) triple bypass surgery.  Red Sox nation I am quite sure is praying and rooting for “Captain Carl,” just as they did for 20+ years while he played for the Sox.

Yaz, as he is more popularly known, had a Hall of Fame career in Boston.  He’s also the last man to win the American League triple crown in batting.  He took over LF from another HoF’er, Ted Williams (no pressure there right?).  He was part of the “impossible dream” team in 1967.  He was on the AL pennant winning 1975 team.  He was a first ballot Hall of Fame inductee.

I had the priviliedge of meeting Yaz in 1990.  He was doing a book signing for his autobiography, “Baseball, The Wall, and Me” at the Boston U Bookstore in Kenmore Square in Boston.  He ended up staying over the posted times to acocmodate the crowd that had lined up to get thier copies signed.  He was perfectly personable to everyone who got to the table, from the rabid fans, to the casual fans getting the book autographed for a relative or friend. 

I got to see Yaz play at Fenway.  He was one of those Red So players I wanted to be like (but never did LOL).  It was Yaz, Jim Rice, Dwight Evans, and Freddy Lynn who I loved to watch play.  Too bad the pitching never matched up to the offense and defense (Bob Stanley not withstanding).

So here’s to hoping that Yaz make a full and complete rcovery, and will once again grace the crowds of Fenway and Cooperstown with his presence.