Fall out from the Fracas at Fenway

Suspensions were announced today for both teams.  Somebody at the MLB offices needs to have their heads collectively checked.  The suspensions, as doled out, are off kilter.

So let’s take each one by one…

CoCo Crips- 7 games: This is more than I would have handed down.  Yes, he chraged the mound, but he did not throw the first punch.  5 games would have been my decision.

Jon Lester – 5 games: Say what?  Supposedly, this was for Lester throwing at people during the game, after the brawl.  Uh-huh.  Well, if he was, why didn’t the umps toss him then?  This one is strange, even for MLB.  As Lester won;t miss any practical time, he’s already serving it out.  A pointless and useless suspension.

Sean casey – 3 games: This one I may have to take a pass on.  As I only saw the NESN boradcast, and nothing from the Ray’s broadcast, a lot went unseen from my perspective.  But I didn’t see Casey do anything untoward, or worthy of suspension.  Of course, a different camera angle could show the second pile better than NESN’s.

James Shields – 6 games: This is under what I would have handed down.  10 games was what I would have done.  Had he not thrown a fast ball at Crisp, 7-8 games would be sufficient.  But, he threw a fast ball, he threw the first punch, and then participated in the scrum on the ground.  6 games is a slap on the wrist.

Johnny Gomes – 5 games: This one is ridiculous.  A mere 5 games?!  Gomes should be sitting in the club house for the next month.  Not only was he pummeling Crisp while he was pinned on the ground, not only did he try to injure Crisp, this is no his first offense.  No, Gomes got away with what he did effectively.  He desreved at least 20 games.  At least.

Carl Crawford – 4 games: I probably would have gone with 3 games for Crawford.  he’s not known for this sort of thing, but he did come in and throw punches after Crisp was on the ground. 

Akinori Iwamura – 3 games: Meh.  His “punches” were more akin to a slap fight between two 8 year old girls.  He kind of just waved his hand in Crisp’s general direction.  Seeing the fight again (on NESN), Iwamura looked a bit lost in the whole affair, not sure what he was supposed to be doing.  I probably would have suspended him only 1 game, as he really didn’t do anything, and of all the players involved, he’s the most likely to learn from this.

Edwin Jackson – 5 games: I was puzzled about this one at first, but thanks to some expert analysis by Jerry Remy, I saw why he was suspended.  Seems as if a Ray’s player in a warm up jacket charged in and threw a few haymakers early on in the scrum.  I’m guessing that MLB identified the player as Jackson.  If so, then 5 games is on target IMO. 

I don’t know what was going thorugh the minds at the MLB offices.  But someone needs to get a bit of perspective here.  Now, the fines have not been announced publically yet, so there may be some mitigating aspect there.  Even so, these suspension in general are off the mark.  And from MLB, which has been “death on fighting” is ridiculous, especially for Gomes.