New Comics Saturday (7-7-07)

Well it’s once again time for my biweekly review of my latest comic purchases.  Sixteen issues and a trade picked up this trip.  Some good, some promising, and one I think already in trouble after 1 issue.  So let’s get to it…

Countdown #44, 43: The question is, who will go nuts first, Mary Marvel or Jimmy Olsen?  Both are having some personal issues, and neither has a clue where it’s all going.  #43 has the funeral for Bart Allen, the recently deceased Flash.  What’s a crisis with out a Flash dying?  I really liked how Paul Dini and company wrote that whole section.  Plus more History of the Multiverse from the Monitors.

Green Lantern Sinestro Corps Special:  WOW.  I would not hesitate to say that Hal, John, Guy, and the rest of the Corps are in for some serious trouble.  Geoff Johns does it again, serving up one heck of a winner.  Oh, and Kyle gets what he deserves IMO.

Black Canary #1: In Green Arrow #75, Ollie proposed to Dinah.  Now, we get to ride along with Dinah as she searches for the answer to the question.  OFC, this has already been spoiled by Previews, so I already know what the answer is.  Even so, this particular journey should be entertaining, as nothing is ever easy or simple when it comes to Ollie and Dinah.

Amazon’s Attack #3:  The war intesifies.  More questions are being asked as to why, and who is behind it all.  This issue picks up from the end of Wonder Woman #10.

Wonder Woman #10: Jodi Picout’s run continues as Dianna faces off with her resurrected mother.  WW’s journey of self discovery, begun in 52 may finally be coming to an end, witha hero “reborn” and ready to take the big stage once again as an icon of the DC universe.

Batman Confidential #6: The “final” fight between Bats and Lex Luthor as Batman infiltrates Lex’s command center to stop his coup attempt.  Plenty of rock ’em sock ’em robots (if you get the reference good for you, if you don’t I won’t explain), and typical Batman gadgetry.

Jonah Hex #21: Hex being Hex pretty much describes this one.  Some unuusal religious over tones in this issue, but not out of character.  Justin Gray really has a great feel for the character, and Jimmy Palmiotti’s art finely compliments the scripting.

Fallen Son-Iron Man: Well, what’s to be said? Tony is still a wimp, and fast becoming an emotional wreck.  And who does he choose to take along this ride?  None other but the most dysfunctional couple in the Marvel U, Wasp and Yellow Jacket.  I suppose the end of this is to “lay Steve Rogers to rest permanently.”  I doubt it.  All it does is set up a possible return via Namor.

Captain America #25, The Director’s Cut: Not sure what’s different between this and the regular issue, as I haven’t compared as yet.  The really interesting thing here is the commentary blurb in the back from Jim McCann (Marvel Sales and Marketing), where in he states “As hard as it is to believe, Steve Rogers is gone from comics.”  Feh.  He will be back, he’ll have to be back.  It’s still a PR stunt, and my guess is that he will return just in time for the release of the Captain America movie.  Mark my words.

Silent War #6:  OK, I’m confused.  The end of this story is odd, and it doesn’t mesh with the stories being put out in other titles, especially the World War Hulk stuff.  Now, I do have a theory on that, but it is pure speculation.  I do hope that they will explain this in some fashion fairly soon.

Thor #1: The return of the Thunder God.  Oh boy.  I think this one is in trouble already.  As one person on a massage board said “it’s slow even for a first issue.”  J. Michael Straczynski is once again screwing up a long established character.  I have a feeling that this one is doomed unless some one else take over the title in few issues.  It’s just too existential in some ways, with not enough “meat” to the story in terms of action and direction.  Some one needs to get JMS out of Marvel before he screws things up beyond repair.  Oh wait….

Death Dealer #3: This series proves how influencial a single artist can be.  I mean a whole series (if only 6 issues) based on a single painting?  That’s inspiring people.  Frank Frazetta ( free plug!), is one of the most well known, and skilled, and inspirational artists of the modern age.  He is among the greats of the field, including the likes of Boris Valejo.  Oh, and the story and art in this series are wirthy as well..

World War Hulk-X-Men #1: When chickens come home to roost.  Especially if they’re big, green, and mader than heck.  When the Illuminati decided to exile the Hulk, Professor Xavier wasn’t present for the vote.  So the $64,000 question is, what would his vote have been?  Enquiring minds and the Hulk want to know.

World War Hulk- Frontline #1: Ben Urich and Sally Floyd have a new benefactor.  Who the mystery man is (I have my suspicions) is unknown at this time, but I suspect he will be revealed.  In the mean time, the new competition for the Daily Bugle gets rolling on the Hulk’s touching down in NYC, and what his band of war bound are up to.  A fine follow up to the Civil War-Frontline series.  This is one set of characters worth keeping around, and getting more regular use in the Marvel U.

Dark Tower-The Gunslinger #6: Peter David and Jae Lee’s adaptation nears its conclusion (1 more issue to go).  For fans of Stephen King’s Gunslinger series, this is a definite worth while read.  Not only for the art and script adaptations, but for the bonus background info at the back of each issue. 

 I also picked up a TBP of Invaders Classic, the Roy Thomas scribed series of the World War II team up of Namor, Captain America, Bucky, the Original Human Torch, Toro, and a slew of guest stars.  The trade includes Giant Sized Invaders #1, issues #1-9, and a couple of Marvel Premier issues featuring the Liberty Legion.  While this is probably just an attempt to get some additional cash from the Captain America thing, I’m glad for this one, as it is one of those titles that had a good run before being cancelled, and deserves more recognition than it has received over the years.


4 thoughts on “New Comics Saturday (7-7-07)

  1. Hi there!

    I have some of the comics that you mention here, and I have read the first Thor issue and agree with your assessment. I did my own post about the issue, and needless to say I was disapointed with what should have been a fantastic first issue.
    At the very least, I think they should have made this a double sized first issue.

  2. They can curse away. I liked Bab5 right up until the dramatic confrontation ends with a speech. I liked Jeremiah until the final confrontation ends with a speech. Burned twice in that regard. Then there are his Spider-Man storied which absolutely stunk (The Other story line for example). I’ve got my ammo ready, and am willing to use it semi-indiscriminately.

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